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Her voice is full and mellow, and at the same time lucent and supple. Steady also in her phrasing and balance of vocal register…

Badische Zeitung

Worth mentioning here are the soloists, who where the shining stars of the evening. The ladies’ duet in Psalm 95 with Aline Du Pasquier, soprano, and Roswitha Müller, alto, went right to the very core of one’s being. The two voices were in perfect, unparalleled harmony, so rarely to be heard. In the same way, they enthralled their audience with their solo parts.

Aargauer Zeitung

From the first entry the soloists were able to surprise the audience with a rarely heard unity, which proved to be a musical bonanza for the whole concert; the warmly lustrous soprano of Aline Du Pasquier formed a perfect combination with the pleasantly bright mezzo-soprano of Christina Metz. […]

The four soloists sang at the highest possible level both musically and as vocal artists. Aline Du Pasquier’s voice touched the hearts of everyone in the audience, with her greatly inspired singing always closely aligned to the text, and gilded the solo-ensembles with a warm radiance.

Fricktaler Zeitung

Aline Du Pasquier, a nightingale one always longs to hear again. What a gracious Cherubino!

Musique et tradition, Paris

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